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E6A2 Dia 25mm Shaft diameter 4mm Rotary Encoder mini encoder

E6A2 series ,Housing diameterф25mm,Shaft diameterф4mm
  • E6A2
  • YUMO
  • YM00000041
  • China

Ordering Information

Incremental Rotary Encoders E6A2-C

Model explanation of incremental encoders

1. Model

2. A: Absolute Rotary Encoder; C: Incremental Rotary Encoder

3. S: single output “A”; W: AB 90°phase difference

4. Z: + Zero signal

5. Supply voltage(1. DC5V, 3. DC5-12V, 5. DC12-24V, 6. DC5-24V)

6. Output mode: (B: PNP open collector output; C: NPN open collector output; E: Voltage output; Gh: NPN push pull output; Eh: PNP voltage output)


E6A2 series ,Housing diameterф25mm,Shaft diameterф4mm
code voltage output circuit output signals Number of pulses
E6A2-CS3E DC 5-12V Voltage output A phase 60、100、180、200
E6A2-CS3C Open collector NPN output 300、360、500
E6A2-CS5C DC 12-24V
E6A2-CW3E DC 5-12V Voltage output A、B phase 60、100
E6A2-CW3C Open collector NPN output 180,200,300
E6A2-CW5C DC 12-24V 360,400,500
E6A2-CWZ3E DC 5-12V Voltage output A、B、Z phase 60,100
E6A2-CWZ3C Open collector NPN output 180,200,300
E6A2-CWZ5C DC 12-24V 360,400,500


  1. Incremental model

  2. External diameter of 25mm

  3. Resolution of up to 500 ppr.

    Brand YUMO
    External dimensions External diameter: 25mm
    Thickness: 30mm
    Shaft diameter: 4mm
    Resolution  20;25;36;50;60;100;200;250;256;300;360;400;500;512;600;
    Output phase Phase A,B,Z,A-,B-,Z-
    Supply voltage DC5V & DC8-30V
    Outlet type Cable out from side
    Cable out from back
    Output Mode Collector open circuit output(NPN &PNP)
    Voltage output 
    Push-pull output 
    Line Driver (26LS31)
    Line Driver Compatible RS422
    Line Driver(RT7272)
    Environmental temperature  Operating temperature:-20~+80° (Non icing)
    Storage temperature: -25~+85° (Non icing)
    Environmental humanity  Operating and storage: 35~85%RH (non-condensing) 
    Protection grade IP50
    Cable length 1000mm (cable length could be added ) 
    Shell  Aluminium
    Package Carton box
    Net weight  About  80g (with package)
    Certification  CE