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Rotary Encoder 丨YUMO

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Rotary encoder is used to measure the rotational speed and cooperate with the PWM technology can realize fast speed regulating device, photoelectric rotary encoder through the photoelectric conversion, output shaft angular displacement, angular velocity can be transformed into corresponding mechanical quantities such as electrical impulses to digital output (REP).

There are two kinds of output and two-way output.The technical parameters mainly include each pulse number (dozens to thousands of each), and the power supply voltage.Single-channel output refers to the output of the rotary encoder is A set of pulses, and dual output rotary encoder output two group A/B phase difference of 90 degrees pulse, speed can be measured by the two groups of pulse not only, still can determine the direction of rotation.

Incremental vs. Absolute Optical Encoders

Incremental encoders

Absolute Optical encoders

Incremental Encoders.jpgIncremental encoder is converting displacement into periodic signal, and then convert the electrical signals into count pulse, expressed in the number of pulse displacement, the size of the incremental encoder shaft rotates, have corresponding pulse output, the discrimination and pulse number of increase or decrease in the direction of rotation with the sentenced to circuit and at the back of the counter.

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Absolute Encoders.jpgAbsolute optical encoder, because its every position only, anti-interference, absolutely no power lost memories, already more and more widely used in various industrial Angle, length measuring and positioning control of systems.

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Shafted vs. Hollow Shaft Rotary Encoders

shaft encoders

Hollow shaft Rotary encoders

Shafted Rotary Encoders.jpgshaft encoder adopts the photoelectric pulse generator with the spindle synchronization, which is synchronous with the gear on the intermediate shaft.Between CNC lathe spindle rotation and feed movement, not the mechanical contact, in order to processing thread, requires that a given number of pulses to the servo motor and the speed of the spindle should have corresponding relations, spindle pulse generator played a connection to the spindle rotation and feed movement function.

Link to product pages:Shaft Encoders

Hollow Shaft Rotary Encoders.jpgHollow shaft encoder is suitable for frequent positive &negative motors, high-speed motor, wide voltage input, the encoder two-way orthogonal digital pulse signal output, convenient control operation, widely used in the new energy vehicles, pure electric and hybrid electric bus, and other motor feedback control for electric vehicles.

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Rotary Encoder

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