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ISC5010-001G-2500ABZ3-5L rotary shaft encoder

● Measure the distance, angle, position acceleration ,automatic control , robot, X-Y labor ,printing, molding machine, packing machine, machine tool and etc.
● Miniature size, easy assembling
●2 quadrature output channel (A&B) + index signal
● Resolution up to 3600 pulses
  • ISC5010-001G-2500ABZ3-5L
  • YUMO
  • YM0000001

Ordering Information

ordering information.jpg

1, Please contact sales representative to confirm the correctness and availability of the part number
2, Line Driver is only available with 5V DC
3, Resolutions in grey background are NOT available with index width 1T

Technical Specifications
Electrical  Specification
Output circuit Open collector  Voltage output Push pull output Line driver output
Power Vcc 5~30 5~30 5±0.25   5~30 5±0.25 5~30
Current ≤80mA ≤80mA ≤80mA ≤150mA
Load current 40mA 40mA 40mA 60mA
High-level output Min Vcc*70% Min Vcc-2.5V Min Vcc-1.5V Min 3.4V
Low-level output Max 0.4V Max 0.4V Max 0.8V Max 0.4V
Rise Time Tr Max 1us Max 1us Max 1us Max 200ns
Fall  Time Tr Max 1us Max 1us Max 1us Max 200ns
Max Responding Frequency 200kHz 200kHz 200kHz 200kHz
Mechanical Specification
Max speed(r/min) Starting Torque Max. Shaft Loading Shocking Vibration
6000 <0.03Nm Radial:15N, Axial:10N 50G/11ms 10G 10-2000Hz
Rotor  Inertia Working Temperature Storage Temperature Protection Grade Weight
4*10-8Kgm2 -30~90ºC -35~95ºC IP51 100g

Connection Table

Signal A B Z ā B(-) Z(-) Vcc GND
Color Green White Yellow Brown Grey Orange Red Black