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What is an Encoder?

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What is an Encoder?

A VERY basic introduction

ISC3004-001G100BZ shaft encoder

If you Google encoder, you'll get a vast and confusing array of responses. For our purposes, encoders are used in machinery for motion feedback and motion control.

Encoders are found in machinery in all industries. You'll find encoders used in cut-to-length applications, plotters, robotics, packaging, conveying, automation, sorting, filling, imaging, and many, many more.  You may have never noticed them, but they are there.

What IS an encoder?

hollow shaft encoder IHU4808-001G-2000BZU-4P5L (3)

Simply put, an encoder is a sensing device that provides feedback. Encoders convert motion to an electrical signal that can be read by some type of control device in a motion control system, such as a counter or PLC(programmable logic controller). The encoder sends a feedback signal that can be used to determine position, count, speed, or direction.  A control device can use this information to send a command for a particular function. For example:

  • In a cut-to-length application, an encoder with a measuring wheel tells the control device how much material has been fed,  so the control device knows when to cut.

  • In an observatory, the encoders tell actuators what position a moveable mirror is in by providing positioning feedback.

  • On railroad-car lifting jacks, precision-motion feedback is provided by encoders, so the jacks lift in unison.

  • In a precision servo label application system, the encoder signal is used by the PLC to control the timing and speed of bottle rotation.

  • In a printing application, feedback from the encoder activates a print head to create a mark at a specific location.

  • With a large crane, encoders mounted to a motor shaft provide positioning feedback so the crane knows when to pick up or release its load.

  • In an application where bottles or jars are being filled, feedback tells the filling machines the position of the containers.

  • In an elevator, encoders tell the controller when the car has reached the correct floor, in the correct position. That is, encoder motion feedback to the elevator's controller ensures that elevator doors open level with the floor. Without encoders, you might find yourself climbing in or out of an elevator, rather than simply walking out onto a level floor.

  • On automated assembly lines, encoders give motion feedback to robots. On an automotive assembly line, this might mean ensuring the robotic welding arms have the correct information to weld in the correct locations.

In any application, the process is the same: a count is generated by the encoder and sent to the controller, which then sends a signal to the machine to perform a function.

The advantages and disadvantages of Encoder

Encoder or we call it rotary encoder, incrementanl encoder. It can be divided into solid shaft encoder, flange encoder, hollow shaft encoder, motor encoder, MPG(manual pulse generator) encoder, absolut encoder, liner encoder, optical rotary encoder, rope encoder and so on.

Advantages of YUMO Rotary Encoder

. Simple structure

. The average life could reach more than 10000hrs

. High  anti-interference abiity

. Suitable for long-distance transmission

Disadvantage of YUMO Incremental Encoder

. Could not output the absolute position of the shaft rotation

rotary encoder with coupling ISC3806-001G-1000BZ-8-24F (8)

Caution for Using Incremental Rotary Encoder

It may cause of malfunction if below instructions are not followed.

  1. Encoder is consisted of precision components, therefore please treat this product carefully. Do not put strong impact when insert coupling into shaft. Do not connect and cut rotary encoder circuit off during power on, it may result in damage to the incremental rotary encoder.

  2. Do not connect encoder and drive rigidly to one another at shafts and flanges. Always use couplings to prevent shaft overload.

  3. To mount a hollow shaft encoder, we recommend the use of a pin and with torque stop slot or a stator coupling.

  4. In order to be able to compensate an axial and radial misalignment of the shaft, the encoder flange must not be fixed rigidly. Fix the flanges by means of a stator coupling s torque support or by means of a cylindrical pin.

  5. For the installation, please check the assembly dimension of mate target, and then try to make the offset between them not occur.

  6. When the power source is a switching power, please install the surge absorber in power line and wire should be short in order not to be influenced by noise. Depending on the application the maximum allowed cable length can be shorter, especially in areas with strong electrical noise.

  7. Do not let the strong impact loads on the encoder, otherwise the error pulse may occur as if the code-wheel is revolving. Please fix the the encoder firmly when mount it to avoid malfunction by residual vibration.

  8. If use the cable of encoder and high voltage line or power cable in the same conduit, it may cause a malfunction or mechanical trouble. Please keep the encoder connection cables as far away from the power cables as possible and running them in parallel or use separated conduit.

  9. Please check wire and response frequency when extend wire, distortion of waveform or residual voltage increment by line resistance or capacity between lines.

If you have questions about how an encoder will work in your specific application, contact us. When you call YUMO, you speak to engineers and encoder experts who can answer all your questions.

Call today, and you could have your encoder in a matter of days!

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