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DR-45-24 24V 2A Single Output Smps 48w Din Rail Power Supply Switching

   Low price and high reliability
   105℃ Output capacitor
   AC input power suitable for the world
   High efficiency and low operation temperature
   Soft-start current can reduce the AC input impacet effecticly
   With-short-circuit and overload protection
   Compact size, light weight
   100% full-load burn-in test
   Installed with EMI filter, minimum wave
  • DR-45-24-

  • YUMO



  • Low price and high reliability

  • 105℃ Output capacitor

  • AC input power suitable for the world

  • High efficiency and low operation temperature

  • Soft-start current can reduce the AC input impacet effecticly

  • With-short-circuit and overload protection

  • Compact size, light weight

  • 100% full-load burn-in test

  • Installed with EMI filter, minimum wave

Technical Specifications

FMODEL DR-45-5 DR-45-12 DR-45-15 DR-45-24
DC output Voltage 5V 12V 15V 24V
Output voltage range (Note:2) ±2% ±1% ±1% ±1%
Rated output current 5A 3.5A 2.8A 2A
Output current range 0-5A 0-3.5A 0-2.8A 0-2A

Wave and noise (Note:3)

100mVp-p 200mVp-p 240mVp-p 480mVp-p

Intet stability (Note:4)

±1% ±1% ±1% ±1%

Load stability (Note:5)

±1% ±1% ±1% ±1%

DC output power

25W 42W 42W 48W

Efficienct (Typ)

72% 77% 77% 80%

Adjustable range for DC voltage

4.75~5.5v 10.8-13.2V 13.5-16.5V 21.6-26.4V

AC input voltage range

85~264VAC 47~63Hz; 120~370VDC

Input current

1.5A/115V 0.75A/230V

AC inrush current

Cold-start current 30A/115V 60A/230V

Leakage current


Over load

105%~150% Type:pulsing hiccup shutdown Reset:auto recovery



Setup, rise, hold up time

 800ms, 60ms, 50ms/230V


10~500Hz,2G 10min,/1cycle, Period for 60min, Each axce

Withstand voltage

 Input and output omtermal:1.5KVAC, Input and enclosyre:1.5KVAC

Output and enclosure:0.5KVAC

Isolation resistance

 Input and output omtermal:Input and enclosyre, 

Output and enclosure:500VDC/100MΩ

Working temp., humidity


Storage temp., humidity



Note1:The testing condition for the paramenter above is :230VAC input,rated load,2570%RH.Temperature.
Note2:Error.include the setting error. line stability and load stability, (Note:5)
Note3:Wave test:adopting“A12”double wire for 20MHz,and 0.1UF&47UF capacitor short-circuit for interrupting
Note:4:intel voltage stability test:when is over load,the lowest voltage of inlet is up to the highest voltage.
Note:5:Load stability test:The load is from 0% to 100%.

The switching power supply is different from the linear power supply. The switching transistors used by the switching power supply are mostly switched between the full-open mode (saturation zone) and the full-closed mode (cut-off zone). These two modes have the characteristics of low dissipation. The conversion between switches will have high dissipation, but the time is very short. Therefore, the switching power supply can save energy and generate less waste heat. Ideally, the switching power supply itself will not consume electrical energy. Voltage stabilization is achieved by adjusting the time of transistor on and off. On the contrary, in the process of generating the output voltage of the linear power supply, the transistor works in the amplification area, and it will also consume electric energy. The high conversion efficiency of the switching power supply is one of its advantages. Because the switching power supply has high working frequency, it can use small size and light weight transformers, so the switching power supply will also be smaller than the linear power supply in size and weight.

If the efficiency, volume and weight of the power supply are the key considerations, the switching power supply is better than the linear power supply. However, the switching power supply is relatively complex, and the internal transistor will switch frequently. If the switching current has not been processed, it may produce noise and electromagnetic interference to affect other equipment. Moreover, if the switching power supply is not specially designed, its power factor may not be high.

DR-45-24 (6)

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