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T-120D 120W Triple Output Smps 15amp Ac Switching Power Supply

Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS), also known as switching power supply and switch converter, is a high-frequency power conversion device and a kind of power supply. Its function is to convert a standard voltage into the voltage or current required by the user through different forms of architecture. The input of switching power supply is mostly AC power supply (such as mains power) or DC power supply, while the output is mostly equipment requiring DC power supply, such as personal computer, and the switching power supply converts the voltage and current between the two.
  • T-120D
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CH1 CH2 CH3 
 DC output voltage, current 5V 2-12A 12V 0.2~0.5A 12V 0.2~2A
 Wave and noise 80mVp-p 120mVp-p 180mVp-p
 Inlet wire stability ±0.5% ±1% ±1%
 Load stability ±0.5% ±5% ±5%
 Efficiency 80%
 Adjustable range for DC voltage CH1:±10% CH1:±5% CH1:±5%
 Input voltage range  90~ 132VAC/180~ 264VAC by switch 254 ~ 370VDC 47 ~ 63Hz  
 Impact current  Cold start current 30A/1 15VAC 60A/230VAC  
 Overload protection  105% ~ 150% cut off the output, automatic recovery  
 Over voltage protection  CH1:115~ 135% shut down O/P voltage, re-power on to recover  
 Setup, rise, hold up time  200ms, 50ms, 16ms/230VAC at full load  
 Withstand voltage  I/P- -O/P: 1.5kV I/P. -FG:1 .5kV O/P-FG: 0.5kV 1minute  
 Isolation resistance  I/P- -O/P I/P- -FG O/P- FG: 500VDC/100MQ  
 Working temperature  -10°C~ +50°C  
 Overall dimension(mm)