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2019 The 34th Intermach Thailand 2019 was successfully concluded on May 11th in Bangkok, Thailand

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Co-organized by the Thai Investment Committee and the Thailand Subcontracting Promotion Association, Thailand International Machine Tool and Metal Processing Machinery Exhibition is the largest professional exhibition of machine tools and metal processing machinery in Southeast Asia. It enjoys a high reputation in Thailand and even the whole southeast Asia. The exhibition is held once a year and has been held for 34 times. It is one of the most authoritative and professional events of the machine tool and processing machinery industry in ASEAN. Many of the exhibits in the international exhibition area are displayed for the first time in the Asian market, fully demonstrating the scientific research and innovation in the machine tool industry, manufacturing equipment and technical fields in the world today, and providing a platform for manufacturers to exchange and sell products for 34 years.


In recent years, YUMO has actively responded to the national "One Belt And One Road" strategy, accelerated the pace of "going global", deeply developed the domestic market, attached great importance to the export business of products, and vigorously explored the international market, and participated in industry exhibitions in the United States, India, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries and regions for many years. Relying on the company's technological advantages to strengthen the safety, quality, time limit, cost and other factors as the key point, continuously improving the level of overseas project management and control, The company's export products have been well received by many customers, covering more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand. As the industry's leading innovator of China's automation control technology, YUMO brought the company's encoders, sensors, relays, waterproof sockets, etc. to this event.


Highlight product 1- rotary encoder

  The ISM6045 handwheel encoder features an ultra-thin, lightweight design with a metal panel for high noise immunity. Suitable for industrial automation equipment such as CNC machine tools and printing machinery. It is a popular product in this exhibition.


Highlight product 2- sensor

  YUMO has inductive sensors, capacitive sensors and photoelectric switches.

  YUMO's sensors are widely used in: machinery manufacturing, textile industry, wire and cable manufacturing, steel manufacturing, etc., with many output forms, output status, and subsidiary status, which are widely loved by customers.



Highlight 3- loyal customers

  Our customers trust our products and have purchased our company's products for many times. They come to visit the exhibition this time and intend to seek future cooperation plans.


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