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YUMO Wheel Speed Recording Meter Counter with Encoder Warning Light

  • ATK72-E
  • YUMO
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YUMO wheel speed recording meter counter with encoder warning light


1.For inspection machine. rolling machine. shaping machine and need to measure the length of the cable mechanical equipment is mainly used in textile, cables, paper and other wire. wire, tube and stnp production process automatic length measunng meter circle and control

2.Since the sensor is reversible photoelectric sensor, to overcome the mechanical measuring device due to mechanical wear or slippage caused by low life, low precision Ills, accuracy is significantly improved than mechanical counter. plus or minus 0.2%. and stable performance, anti-jamming ability simple and inturtive operation display The internal design of high-performance products and negative direction discrimination Circuit, photoelectric encoders, enabling length measurement in both directions. that is both superposition meter can also reverse reduction meterl 

3.By changing the setting coefficient, the measurement results can be arbitrarily trimmed so that the measured value display is consistent wilh the actual value. it does not require the manufacturing precision encoder wheel sensor or user sampling round. as almost any dameter So easy to install, but will also reduce the error caused by the installation. Is applicable to any type, meter any occasions.

the structural characteristics and main technical specifications 

1. The length of the measurement and length control rang: 00000.0-99999.9m, 0000.00-9999.99m, 000000-999999m show millimeters centimeters, centimeters, meters. yards arbitrarily switch setting! 

2. The reversible two-way meter 

3. Pulse equivalent:0.00001 to 99.9999 adjustable 

4. error adjustment function 

the main function 

1 A reversible counter. When the measured object plus a forward motion, reverse motion reduction, no change to the error 

2. with a blackout of information protection. After the power failure, the onginal set number and current count value to keep the state before power failure. after power is restored then the state of the instrument before power continue to work 

3. fixed-length output When the meter is set when the count value (can be set to two different values), the instrument signal output contact (NC NC). normally closed contacts can be connected directly to the control device to stop or cut other implementing agenaes, the police, etc , then the normally open contacts can control the machine start or electricity. alarm connected to the normally open contact. a few meters to reach the set alarm, alarm duration 0.1-9.9 seconds in any setting. two relay output action model of combining any setting!

4, by setting the advance warnIng alarm alarm functices. such as 9 meters alarm,after 5 seconds to reach up to 10 meters meter automatically cleared to re-metert 

5. the external terminal is cleared by an external switch operation clears the count display 

6. the count value,the coefficient values can be set flexibly in production parameters unchanged. one can set the number of long-term work.