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Distance measuring wheel measuring roll rule hand pushed roller type distance measuring instrument

Distance measuring wheel, measuring roller ruler,
hand roller type distance measuring instrument,
distance measuring instrument, engineering digital
display, outdoor high-precision, mechanical counter,
Large mechanical wheel, including backpack
  • CJL-100

  • YUMO

  • 1

  • China

  • Outdoor distance measurement


Distance measuring wheel measuring roll rule hand pushed roller type distance measuring instrument

  The mechanical ranging wheel is designed and manufactured for outdoor distance measurement, and is applicable to various ground conditions, including hillsides, grasslands, rugged construction sites, etc. This product is widely used in the measurement and evaluation of professional surveying and mapping operations, road engineering, pipeline laying engineering, wire and cable engineering and other construction operations, the construction measurement of landscape and golf courses, the measurement of the distance and location of traffic accidents, and the measurement of farmland construction management. Its time-saving and simple advantages have been found and used by more and more industry departments.

Steps for measuring

1. First rotate the handle bar to the left and vertically, pull it up to the end, and then rotate it to the right until it is fastened.

2. Press the reset button anticlockwise to the end and clear the counter.

3. The pointer on the wheel is aligned with the starting position of measurement.

4. When the wheel rotates forward, the counter starts counting until the wheel pointer reaches the end point of measurement and the counter value is read.

Matters needing attention:

1. Please try to keep parallel in the process of measuring straight lines to ensure the accuracy of measurement.

2. If the product is measured along uneven routes, the accuracy of actual measurement will be affected.

3. This product can be used in rain. Please dry it in time after use.

4. Do not disassemble this product by yourself.

5. This product cannot be used as a toy. Please keep away from children to avoid injury.

Measuring   range 0-9999.9m
Measurement   accuracy ≥ 99%
Wheel diameter 318mm
Product   extension length 1050mm
Length of   product after folding 560mm
Net weight of   product 1.2kg
Product gross   weight 2.2kg
Measurement   unit meter, decimeter
Wheel   circumference 1m


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