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YUMO STP5-220-ROGBW Flashing tower light Signal Tower Light

WARNING TOWER,WARNING LIGHT, WARNING LAMP Signal Tower Flashing warning light 50mm buzzer of 24VDC with 3layer LED
  • STP5-24-ROGBW
  • YUMO
  • China
  • 24VDC
  • CE

YUMO STP5-24-ROGBW Flashing tower light Signal Tower Light

1) Ambient temperature: -25~70Centigrade
2) Rated insulation voltage: UI=500V
3) Pollution class: III
4) Degree of protection: IP65/IP66
5) Altitude above sea level: <2, 000m
6) Meets IEC60947-5-1, EN60947-5-1

STP5 pole type LED tower warning lamp

STP5 LED BULB Steady/Flashing Tower Lamp

Self - mounting multi - layer type signal indicator light

1. High brightness LED type

2. Enhancing visibility by employing the special light diffusion globe

3. LED light source with a high degree of Wusi long life bulbs

4. Using various types of brackets with praticality and brilliant appearance

1) Degree of protection: IP30

2) Flashes: 60-80/min

3) built-in buzzer type volume: 85dB

4) Material: lens-PC, body-ABS

5) Certification:CE

Voltage Signal Line Current Rush Current External Cintact Capacity Buzzer Line Current
AC/DC12V 0.357A atb.4.8A Over 5A
AC/DC24V 0.185A atb.2.4A Over 3A 0.012A
AC110V 0.042A atb.0.6A Over 1A 0.038A
AC220V 0.021A atb.0.4A Over 1A 0.004A

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