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SU50*200-S Double Acting Pneumatic Cylinder

Many equipment use pneumatic control,
pneumatic control is simple and convenient to achieve,
and has been widely used in automatic control
such as equipment control.
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YUMO hot Sale SU50*200-S Double Acting Pneumatic Cylinder 

1.Product Introduction of the SU50*200-S Double Acting Pneumatic Cylinder  

Cylinders are used in some mechanical parts.

A cylindrical metal part in which the cylinder guides the piston to reciprocate in a straight line. The working fluid transforms heat energy into mechanical energy through expansion in the engine cylinder, and the gas is compressed by the piston in the compressor cylinder to increase the pressure. The shell of a turbine, rotary piston engine, etc. is often called a "cylinder". Application fields of air cylinder: printing (tension control), semiconductor (spot welding machine, chip grinding), automatic control, robot, etc.

2.Product Parameter(Specification)of the SU50*200-S Double Acting Pneumatic Cylinder 



3. Production Details of the SU50*200-S Double Acting Pneumatic Cylinder  

SU50×200-S (9)

4.YUMO company

YUMO company

5. FAQ

Q: What is your main market?

A: Our main market is north America, especially USA.


Q: Are you products standard?

A: Our model is standard, if you have specific demand, pls tell us.


Q: Do you have interest to do our own design items?

A: Absolutely! We have big interest.


Q: How to make the order?

A: You can send us email,we will reply in 24 hours.