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Waterproof Push Button Switch 2 Position Stay Put NO LAY5-ED21

The push button series are used in controlling circuit of AC voltage up to 660V/AC50Hz or 60Hz, and DC voltage below 400V. It is used for controlling signal and interlocking purposes. The main body of the push buttons adopts zinc alloy and high-grade anti-flam plastic. The contact adopts special silver alloy in order to enjoy the benefit of high anti-electrical erosion. The signal lamp series are suitable for electrical appliances circuit of AC voltage up to 380V/50Hz, and DC voltage below 380V. It is ideal for using as indicating signals, warning signals, emergency signals, etc. Our products comply with GB/T14048.1 and IEC60947-5-1, all products are CE, ISO9001, ROHS and UL certified.
  • LAY5-ED21
  • YUMO
  • 10
  • China
  • Power Control
  • 220V
  • CE RoHS

 Waterproof Push Button Switch 2 Position Stay Put NO  LAY5-ED21

Model and Meaning

LAY: Push button and signal lamp.

5: Push button switch design code.

E: stands for plastic type.

D: Standard handle knob.

2: stands for black.

1: means 1NO.

Working environment

1. Surrounding temperature:-25℃~+55℃

2.  Air relative humidity:≤85%

3. It can be normally work under following condition:

   Vibration frequency is 2~80Hz and acceleration speed is 0.7g/h

4. Pollution grade is Ⅲ, installation sort is Ⅲ, protection grade is up to IP65

5. Altitude:≤2000m

Note: PG denotes pure green; PW denotes pure white

Main technical parameter

Basic technical parameter of button Basic technical parameter of signal lamp
Rated insulation voltage AC 600V (50Hz/60Hz) Insulation resistance ≥50MΩ
Conventional heating current 10A Contact resistance ≤25MinΩ
Insulation resistance ≥50MΩ Pf withstand voltage AC 2.5KV/min
Contact resistance ≤25MinΩ Voltage wave ±20%
Mechanical life 100 ×10 (Pustbutton) Brightness 60cd/m
Electrical life

500 ×10 (Pustbutton)

Continuous working life 10×10 h
LAY5 Push button details


LAY5-ED21 (1)LAY5-ED21 (2)LAY5-ED21 (3)LAY5-ED21 (4)