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Hokuyo UTM-30LX-EW Scanning Laser Rangefinder

Scanning Rangefinder

SOKUIKI sensor for intelligent robots
  • UTM-30LX-EW

Hokuyo UTM-30LX-EW Scanning Laser Rangefinder



The Hokuyo UTM-30LX-EW Scanning Laser Rangefinder has 0m and 270º scanning range. Suitable for robots with higher moving speed because of the longer range and fast response. This product could be less reliable if the sensor receives strong light such as sun light directly in the outdoor environment.


  • Supply voltage: 12VDC ±10%

  • Detectable in Snowy, Rainy, Foggy and Dusty conditions

  • Ethernet Interface

  • Can be used Outdoors

  • IP Rating: 67


  • Long Detection range: 30m

  • Wide Angle: 270 Degree

  • Outdoor Environment

  • Compact and Light: W60 x D60 x H87 mm, 370g

  • Multi-Echo Detection for Outdoor Applications


  • Power source: 12VDC±10% (Current consumption: Max:1A, Normal: 0.7A)

  • Consumption current: During operation: 0.7A or less, Start-up: Max. 1A

  • Principle: Direct Time of Flight

  • Light source: Semiconductor laser diode (?=905nm) Laser safety Class 1(FDA)

  • Detection Range: 0.1 to 30m (White Square Kent Sheet 500mm or more), Max. 60m 270°

  • Accuracy: 0.1 to 10m: ±30mm, 10 to 30m: ±50mm*1

  • Multi-Echo function: Max. 3-output of distance data per step-1

  • Angular Resolution: 0.25º (360º/1,440 steps)

  • Scan Time: 25msec/scan

  • Sound level: Less than 25dB

  • Interface: Ethernet

  • Synchronous output: NPN open collector

  • Command system: Exclusively designed command SCIP Ver. 2.0

  • Connection: Power and Synchronous output: 2m flying lead wire, USB: 2m cable with type-A connector

  • Amblent (Temperature/Humidity): -10 to +50 degrees C, less than 85% RH (without dew and frost)

  • Vibration Resistance: Double amplitude 1.5mm 10 to 55Hz, 2 hours each in X, Y and Z direction

  • Impact Resistance: 196m/s2, 10 times in X, Y and Z direction

  • Indication lamp: Power (Green), Operating/Trouble (Orange), Operating: Light-up, Trouble: Blink

  • Communication protocol: SCIP2.2 (Exclusive command) -1

  • Protective structure: IP67 (IEC standard)

  • Weight: Approx. 210g (without cable attachment)

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