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HOKUYO MBF-36T MBF-36R Microwave Type Level Sensor

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HOKUYO MBF-36T MBF-36R Microwave Type Level Sensor


This device is a through-beam type microwave sensor. This is suitable for waste level detection in hopper at waste processing facility.


Model No.  MBF-36T(Transmitter) MBF-33T(Transmitter)
MBF-36R(Receiver) MBF-33R(Receiver)
Applied microwave 24.15GHz
Oscillating output 10mW or less
Setting distance 5m or less(Max.50m for reference, 10m when adaptor is used) *1
Control output(Receiver) 1C relay, excited when microwave is received(250VAC 4A cosφ=1, 30VDC 3A)
Timer ON delay, adjustable during 0.1 to 10sec
Power source 24VDC(18 to 30VDC both projector and receiver) 100 to 230VAC(85 to 250VAC) 50/60Hz(both projector and receiver)
Power consumption 3W or less : transmitter 3.2VA or less : transmitter
4W or less : receiver 4VA or less : receiver
Ambient temperature -10 to +55 degrees C
Ambient humidity 45 to 85%RH
Vibration resistance Double amplitude 1.5mm 10 to 55Hz each 2 hour in X, Y and Z direction
Impact resistance 196m/s2  , Each 3 time in X, Y and Z directions 
Insulation resistance 20MΩ or more(by 250VDC megger) 20MΩ or more(by 500VDC megger)
between power/contact output and case between power/contact output and case
Protective structure IP64(IEC standard)
Installation Flange installation(in conformity with JIS B2210, nominal diameter 65)
Case material Body : aluminum die-casting, cover : acrylic resin
Weight Each approx. 2.5kg
*1 When the installation distance between projector and receiver is less than 2.5m, it may not detect anything depending on types of refuse due to the input signal can be strong. In that case, please insert the accessary adaptor to the space between the receiver and the flange with antenna.