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Hokuyo UST-05LA Scanning Laser Rangefinder

Scanning Rangefinder SOKUIKI sensor for intelligent robots
  • UST-05LA



Hokuyo UST-05LA Scanning Laser Rangefinder

  The Hokuyo UST-05LA Scanning Laser Rangefinder is a small, lightweight and accurate sensor that its able to report ranges up to 5m and is perfect for indoor applications. The UST-05LA is able to scan a 270° arc and outputs data on USB / RS422 interface.



  • Small, lightweight and accurate sensor

  • Perfect for indoor applications

  • Able to scan a 270° arc

  • Outputs data on USB / RS422 interface


  • 5-meter range with ±40mm accuracy

  • 270º scan angle, 25ms/scan

  • 12 / 24VDC

  • USB / RS422 interface

  • Measurement / Logging Data type - SCIP Protocol

  • Specifications
    Product name Scanning Laser Range Finder
    Model UST-05LN/UST-05LA
    Supply voltage DC 12V/DC 24V (operation range 10 to 30V, ripple within 10%)
    Supply current 150mA (DC 24V) or less (during start up about 400mA is necessary.)
    Light source Laser semiconductor (905nm), Laser class 1(IEC60825-1:2007, Accession number:1420210-000)
    Detection range and object 60mm to 5000mm (white Kent sheet)
    60mm to 2000mm (diffuse reflectance 10% )
    Minimum detectable size 130mm (changes according to distance)*1
    Accuracy 60mm to 5000mm ±40mm*2
    Standard deviation σ<20mm*2
    Scan angle 270°
    Scan speed 25msec25ms (motor speed 2400rpm)
    Angular resolution 0.5°
    Start up time Within 10 sec (start up time differs if malfunction is detected during start up)
    Outputs Photo-coupler, open collector output Max DC 30V 50mA
    Output 1: Output 1 OFF during object detection
    Output 2: Output 2 OFF during object detection
    Output 3: Output 3 OFF during object detection
    Malfunction output: ON during normal operation, OFF during malfunction Synchronization output: Synchronization signal during Master/Slave operation. Note: Output 1 to 3 are switched OFF during malfunction state
    Inputs Photo-coupler, common anode, power supply is 4mA when input is ON Input 1 to 5: Area switching inputs (refer Table1) Synchronization input: Input synchronization signal during Slave operation.
    Output response time*3 OFF : 66msec to 3241msec
    ON   : 66msec to 3241msec
    Hysteresis Hysteresis high (6.25%, not less than 60mm)
    Hysteresis low (3.125%, not less than 30mm)
    No Hysteresis (Default)
    Interface USB/RS422(UST-05LA only)
    LED display Blue LED: ON during normal operation, 
    blink during the start up,
    Orange LED 1: Output 1 ON during object detection
    Orange LED 2: Output 2 ON during object detection
    Orange LED 3: Output 3 ON during object detection
    Synchronization function Synchronization Master/Slave operation mode (can set by using Area Designer)*4
    Synchronization slave mode (0°)
    Synchronization slave mode (90°)
    Synchronization slave mode (180°)
    Synchronization slave mode (270°)
    Surrounding intensity Less than 15,000lx
    Note : Avoid direct sunlight or other illumination sources as it may cause sensor malfunction
    Ambient temperature humidity -10°C to +50°C, below 85%RH (without dew, frost)
    Storage temperature humidity -30°C to +70°C, below 85%RH (without dew, frost)
    Vibration resistance 10 to 55Hz double amplitude of 1.5mm for 2hrs in each X, Y, and Z direction
    55 to 200Hz 98m / s2 sweep of 2min for 1hr in each X,Y and Z direction
    Shock resistance 196m/s2 (20G) X,Y and Z direction 10 times.
    Insulation resistance 10MΩ, DC 500V
    Protective structure IP65
    EMC standards (EMI)
    EN55011:2009 + A1:2010
    EN61000-4-3:2006 + A1:2008 + A2:2010
    Weight 130g
    Material Front case: Polycarbonate, Rear case: Aluminum
    Dimensions (W×D×H) 50×50×70mm


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