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Magnetic proximity sensors MM12-90APS-ZCO sick Cylinder Threaded-M12 integrated circuits Sensor

SICK sensors are sensors that use photoelectric devices as conversion elements. It can be used to detect non electrical quantities that directly cause changes in the amount of light, such as light intensity, illuminance, radiation thermometry, gas composition analysis, and so on; It can also be used to detect other non electrical quantities that can be converted into light changes, such as part diameter, surface roughness, strain, displacement, vibration, velocity, acceleration, and recognition of the shape and working state of objects.
  • MM12-90APS-ZCO

  • SICK

  • Original

  • Housing length 62.5 mm

  • CE rohs

  • Current consumption 10 mA

  • Switching output PNP

  • Supply voltage 10 V DC ... 30 V DC


Magnetic proximity sensors MM12-90APS-ZCO  sick Cylinder Threaded-M12 integrated circuits Sensor

  • Features
    Housing Cylindrical thread design
    Housing Advanced
    Thread size M12 x 1
    Diameter Ø 12 mm
    Sensing range Sn 5 mm ... 90 mm 1)
    Safe sensing range Sa 72.9 mm
    Magnetic sensitivity ≤ 0.6 mT
    Switching frequency 1,000 Hz
    Connection type Male connector M12, 4-pin
    Switching output PNP
    Output function NO
    Electrical wiring DC 3-wire
    Magnetic alignment Axial
    Enclosure rating IP67 2)
    Items supplied Mounting nut, brass, nickel-plated (2x)
    • 1) Sensing range based on installation in non-magnetic material using Magnet MAG-3010-B (M4.0).

    • 2) According to EN 60529.

  • Mechanics/electronics
    Supply voltage 10 V DC ... 30 V DC
    Ripple ≤ 10 % 1)
    Voltage drop ≤ 2.2 V 2)
    Current consumption 10 mA 3)
    Time delay before availability ≤ 30 ms
    Hysteresis ≤ 25 %
    Reproducibility ≤ 1 % 4)
    Temperature drift (of Sr) ± 10 %
    EMC According to EN 60947-5-2
    Continuous current Ia ≤ 200 mA
    Short-circuit protection ✔ 5)
    Reverse polarity protection
    Power-up pulse protection
    Shock and vibration resistance 30 g, 11 ms / 10 ... 55 Hz, 1 mm
    Ambient operating temperature –25 °C ... +75 °C
    Housing material Metal, Nickel-plated brass
    Housing length 62.5 mm
    Thread length 40 mm
    Tightening torque, max. ≤ 7 Nm
    • 1) Of VS.

    • 2) At Ia max.

    • 3) Without load.

    • 4) Von Sr (VS und Ta constant).

    • 5) Pulsed.

    MM12-90APS-ZCO (1)MM12-90APS-ZCO (2)

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