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CM24 M24 capacitance proximity switch sensor

1,Capacitive proximity sensor
2,CE Certification
3,Flush and UNflush type
4,Output state:NO,NC,NO+NC
5,PNP and NPN
  • CM24

  • YUMO

  • YM556424



○The mechanical quantity to be measured, such as displacement, pressure change into an electrical capacitance sensor.

Therefore, capacitive sensors can be divided into pole pitch change type, area change type, change the media type categories. Pole pitch change type is generally used to measure the tiny lines or due to force displacement, pressure, vibration caused by the pole pitch changes (see capacitive pressure sensor). Area change type is generally used to measure the angular displacement or larger linear displacement. Change media type commonly used in level measurement and a variety of medium temperature, density determination and humidity.

○The induction surface of capacitance sensor is composed of two coaxial mental electctrodes, which from a capacitor and connected on RC oscillation circuit, just like an open capacitor electrode.

○When connecting to power supply, RC oscillator does not work. When an object is clos eto capacitor

electrode, the capacitor capacity will increase, and the oscillator will vibrate. Through the treatment of behind stage circuit, both signals of stop oscillation and oscillation will be converted to switch signs for checking the existence of object. this distance can be obtained, but to nonmetal object, the action distance is d etermined by material dielectric constant, the more dielectric constant, the more action distance will be obtained.


1. Compact volume

2. high precision of repeated location 

3. Diversified exterior structures 

4. Good performance of anti-interference. 

5. Many output forms 

6. High on-off frequency. 

7. Wide voltage range 

8. Dust proof,vibration proof,water proof and oil proof. 

9. With short-circuit protection and inverted connecting protection. 

10. Long service life

Model explanation

modle explianation.jpg

1. Switch category(LM: inductance type; CM: capactitance type;SM:Hall type; AM:safety explosion-proof type; XM: mimic linear   type)

2. Outward appearance code(C: Cylinder type; F: Angular column type and planeinstallation type)

3. Operating voltage(30: 6-36VDC; 310: 5-24VDC; 320: 12-60VDC; 20:90-250VAC; 210: 24-250VAC;220: 380VAC; 40: 12-240VDC/24-240AC; 50: Special voltage)

4. Detection distance( 01: 1mm; 05:5mm; 10:10mm)

5. Output method (N: Three-line DC NPN output;P: Three-line DC PNP output;

L: Two-line DC output; AC two-wire output;J: Relay output;NP: NPN+PNP output)

6. Output status(A: NO; B: NC; C: NO+NC; MU: Mimic voltage; MI: Mimic current)

7. Auxi function code(T: With connector; Y: Water proof, oil proof; I: Special requirement;

H: High temp resistance; R: Ring type)




Tecnical Parameter

Model NO. Detection distance Working voltage Output Flush
Form State
LM24-3008NA 8mm DC6-36V NPN NO Flush
LM24-3008NB 8mm DC6-36V NPN NC Flush
LM24-3008NC 8mm DC6-36V NPN NO+NC Flush
LM24-3008PA 8mm DC6-36V PNP NO Flush
LM24-3008PB 8mm DC6-36V PNP NC Flush
LM24-3008PC 8mm DC6-36V PNP NO+NC Flush
LM24-3008LA 8mm DC6-36V Two wire system NO Flush
LM24 -3008LB 8mm DC6-36V Two wire system NC Flush
LM24 -2008A 8mm AC90-250V SCR Control 
label silicon
NO Flush
LM24-2008B 8mm AC90-250V SCR Control 
label silicon
NC Flush
LM24 -2008C 8mm AC90-250V SCR Control 
label silicon
NO+NC Flush
LM24-3010NA 10mm DC6-36V NPN NO Non-flush
LM24-3010NB 10mm DC6-36V NPN NC Non-flush
LM24-3010NC 10mm DC6-36V NPN NO+NC Non-flush
LM24-3010PA 10mm DC6-36V PNP NO Non-flush
LM24-3101PB 10mm DC6-36V PNP NC Non-flush
LM24-3010PC 10mm DC6-36V PNP NO+NC Non-flush
LM24-3010LA 10mm DC6-36V Two wire system NO Non-flush
LM24 -3010LB 10mm DC6-36V Two wire system NC Non-flush
LM24 -2010A 10mm AC90-250V SCR Control 
label silicon
NO Non-flush
LM24-2010B 10mm AC90-250V SCR Control 
label silicon
NC Non-flush
LM24 -2010C 10mm AC90-250V SCR Control 
label silicon
NO+NC Non-flush



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