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YUMO Safety Light Curtain Sensor GM40-10J Area Secure Photoelectric Protector

Safe and Reliable Light Curtain Sensor Suitable for safety inspection of automatic assembly line with protection function. Adopting synchronous scanning technology, centralized beam path, no working blind area, strong anti-jamming ability, easy to install With anti-jamming function, more than 2 sets of equipment can be installed closely. Its primary purpose is to detect the presence of an object or person within the predefined area and send a signal to the machinery to stop or slow down, preventing accidents and injuries.
  • GM40-10J

  • YUMO

  • 1

  • China

  • 10-480VDC/VAC

  • CE

  • Relay output

  • <200mS


YUMO Safety Light Curtain Sensor GM40-10J  Area Secure  Photoelectric Protector


Detection   way Model Control output Detection   distance Optic axis   distance Optic axis number Detection width Min.detectable   object 
J:Realy output
≤3m 40mm 4 120mm Φ50mm
GM40-6N 6   200mm
GM40-8N 8 280mm
GM40-10N 10 360mm
GM40-12N 12 440mm
GM40-16N 16 600mm
GM40-20N 20 760mm
GM40-24N 24 920mm
J:Realy output
≤3m 20mm 4 60mm Φ30mm
GM20-6N 6 100mm
GM20-8N 8 140mm
GM20-10N 10 180mm
GM20-12N 12 220mm
GM20-16N 16 300mm
GM20-20N 20 380mm
GM20-24N 24 460mm


Mains voltage N:12-24VDC  J:10-48VDC/VAC
Consumption current 100mA以下 Under 100mA
Response time 200mS以下 Under 200mS
 Output form Collector open circuit NPN type:current 100mA,residual voltage 1.6v
 Output state  ON ON  when all the optic axis is photic
Optic source  LED Infrared ray LED
Connection way  With specific cable connector
 Shell material PMMA Shell:Alalloy,color filter cover:PMMA
Environment-resisting light Incandescent lamp:intensity of illumination of photic surface 3000Lx,sunlight:intensity of illumination of photic surface 10000Lx.
Ambient temperature Working:-10~50°,Storage:-40~70° -10~55°
Environment humidity Working:35-85RH, Storage:35-95%RH
Vibration frequency:10-50Hz,Vibration range:1.5mm,each direction of X、Y、Z for 2hours
 Shock   Acceleration:500/s (about 5og)each direction of X、Y、Z for 3 hours

 Cable connector
Overall Type Length Application
  Optic Screen Sensor GML-4-4 5m  For four-core projector
GML-4-3 5m  Three our-core projector
 Type A B C D
GM40-4 120 180 30 40
GM40-6 200 260 30 40
GM40-8 280 340 30 40
GM40-10 360 420 30 40
GM40-12 440 500 30 40
GM40-16 600 660 30 40
GM40-20 760 820 30 40
GM40-24 920 980 30 40
GM40-32 1240 1300 30 40
GM40-40 1560 1620 30 40
GM40-56 2200 2260 30 40
GM40-64 2520 2480 30 40
 Type A B C D
GM40-4 60 120 30 20
GM40-6 100 160 30 20
GM40-8 140 200 30 20
GM40-10 180 240 30 20
GM40-12 220 280 30 20
GM40-16 300 360 30 20
GM40-20 380 440 30 20
GM40-24 460 520 30 20
GM40-32 620 680 30 20
GM40-40 780 840 30 20
GM40-56 1100 1160 30 20
GM40-64 1260 1320 30 20
Optic Screen Sensor
 Application illustration

●  Protect personnel from invading the automatic assembling machine 

●  Provide safeguarding for the robot workingarea   

●  Check it car go through the garage door or notOptic Screen Sensor

●   Protect a loader or unloader from damage by invading object 

● Confirm a unit –taking from the electric device 

●Protect chip mounter  from damage  by invading objectsOptic Screen Sensor

Safety light curtains,also called photoelectric safeguarding device,photoelectricprotector,or area interrupted by an object,the device sends out a signal to stop the operating machinery and equipments,lowering the possibility of personal being and effectively safeguarding the workers.
Taking advantage of the other brand and adopting the infrared scanning technology,thestord's safety light curtain of GB series is a new-developed automation-controlling product with reliable quality.
The emitter light curtain and receiver are installed at two sides,while a SCM and a microprocessor are put inside to digital program the device,forming a safeguarding shield of infrared light rays and the keeping the emitter and receiver in the state of high-velocity scanning.When personnel or objects invade the security area,the control system quickly respond and send out a electric signal to make the load act and when the personnel or objects leve the area,the load automatically closes ,so as to project the equipments and personnel from injures.
The safety light curtain of GB series only contains a set of emitter and receiver without extra controller.It can be directly connected to rays or other kinds of computer numerical ports with aviation connectors or cables.
Safety light curtain is the most effective device in protecting operating personnel punching machines and is better than safety fence,machinehandles,mechanical dial hands and other mechanical protective devices, effectively avoiding safety accidents which result from error operations or machine problems during producing.It can be used for general machine tool,high-performance punching machine,mechanicalpress.Hydraulicpress,laminatingmachine,laminator,plate shearing machine,packaging machine and other automatic equipments,and can also be used foe protection and security of muti-sided areas.
Optic Screen Sensor

1.Accord with IEC61496-1/2 standard
2.Adopt advanced infrared synchro-scanning technology,excellent optical performance and divergence angle of 2.5 degree,easy to align and maintain
3.Small overall dimensions,aluminum alloy shell,strong and lightweight
4.Various specifications and resolutions of 10/20/40MM
5.Electric connection:4-point M12 connector
6.Protective width of 4-128CM
7.Compact size,cross sectional area of 25*25MM for GB series
8.Resolution and protective width can be design by customer order,and some other various connectors and extra functions available by order
Optic Screen Sensor
 Model definition                                                                      
Optic Screen Sensor
1.Optical spacing:refer to the distance between the centerlines of two light points
2.Resolution:the minimal size can be protected by the light curtain,approx,optical spacing plus the width of the optical lens.
3.The minimal detectable object:the minimal object that can make the light curtain send out signal by entering the safe
 guarded are

4.Safe distance:when a body is moving vertically toward the safeguarding area(under common situation),

safe distance can be calculated by the following formula:

D:safe distance(mm)the minimal distance necessary from the dangerous part to the edge of safeguarding area.
K:the peed of the operator 's body(hands,fingers etc.)entering the area(mm/s),usually 2000mm/s
T:the response time of the whole device(s)T=TM+TB
TM:the maximum stop time of the machinery
GB:the response time of GB series light curtain
C:extra distance calculated with the size of the minimal detectable object(mm)C=8*(d-14)
d:the diameter of the minimal detectable object(usually 32mm)


Definition of the safety light curtain's ratings                              
Grade B:Use the basic technology for reliability in design,no use of safe technology,any fault may lead to security defect,are not safe products.

Grade B:Use the basic technology for reliability in design,no use of safe technology,any fault may lead to security defect,are not safe products.

GradeA:use well tried safe parts and technologies to ensure the safety of products.The possibility of safety failing is less than Grade B, Safety performance is dependent on the components and the working principle.Has reliable components and technology.contains a single loop without self detection.

Wiring diagram of safety light curtain                                   


 Installation instructions for GB Series safety light curtain                 

Optic Screen Sensor

When light interference from the reflective face exists, the internal sensors may stop detection,so as to stop safeguarding. When the distance between emitter and receiver is in the range from 0-3meters,D is no less than 0.16m;and in the range from 3-5meters, D=LX tanO (0.052)

Note:Stord safety light curtain is equipped with excellent Len system. The effective aperture angle of light axis is +2.5, meeting the requirements per IEC61496-2. O=3 during installation.
 Installation and commissioning of GB series safety light curtain           
Installation instructions
1. Check if the GB series safety light curtain is firmly fixed on the equipments or not,and check if the emitter and receiver are in the same level,and also make sure that safeguarding area with emitter and receiver in a line as the boundary be a rectangle in a level plane.
2. Check if the emitter and receiver are connected with cables right in place,and check if the terminals are rightly and firmly connected to power and control units.

3. Supply the safety light curtain with power,and the light curtain sensors will start self-checking,synchronization,andcalibration,After around 1 second,the yellow indicator of the emitter stay stable and all the indicators of the receiver go out,indicating that the light curtain start working.

The operating mode of GB series safety light curtain:
1.when no object invades the safeguarding area,the receiver is receiving light rays,the indicator of receiver is out,and yellow indicator of the emitter keeping lighting.Start the safeguarded equipments,theequipments work well.

2.When some object(no smaller than the minimal detectable object or resolution ) invade the safeguarding area,the red indicator of the receiver lights up(the receiver is in shaded state or the light rays are blocked),

and the protected equipments are forcedly stopped

3.When the invading object quit the safeguarding area,the light curtain sensor recover to the state 1,and protected equipments continue working.

4.After the light curtain sensor start working,uses a testing stick of the size of minimal detectable object or some other opaque object of the same diameter to invade vertically into the protected area and to horizontally move in the area clockwise and counter clockwise.The red indicator of the receiver should keep lighting and the protected equipments do not work.

Safety check   
To effectively protect the personnel and machinery,after the light curtain sensor starts working,as safety check should be executed strictly step by step every time before starting the protected equipments and make notes on a notebook.The safety check is same as the final two steps in commissioning.
Optic Screen Sensor

With finger detecting type,hand detecting type, wrist and other body part detecting type available for selection, choose the finger detecting type if the dangerous source is close to the light curtain and choose the economic wrist detecting type if the dangerous source is relatively far from the curtain.Customer may choose different type according to own need.

Stord safety light curtain has many installation heights available for choice to meet the safety requirements during operation.
Optic Screen Sensor
     Output and wiring of safety light curtain                                   
Optic Screen Sensor

If you have any enquiry about quotation or cooperation,please feel free to email us at or use the following enquiry form. Our sales representative will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you for your interest in our products.
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