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YUMO P-19-2 Socket Plastic Socket for 19mm metal push button switch

Our high strength anti-vandal metal push button switches and the indicator lamps are not only elegant appearance, graceful, but also complete range of articles, variety of specifications, multipurpose, can meet various customers requirements in different fields, are widely applied in the key horizon control system of electromechanical instrument in various industry cabinet, household appliances and so on.
  • P-19-2 Socket

  • YUMO

  • 40 pcs

  • China

  • Power Control

  • CE RoHS

  • 4A

  • 1NO1NC

  • 50Hz

  • DC

  • waterproof push button

  • 0.5mm

  • LED light

  • Automation Device

  • 12VDC

  • 0.01S


YUMO P-19-2 Socket Plastic Socket for 19mm metal push button switch

Metal Push Button Switch Socket

Metal Push Button Switch SocketMetal Push Button Switch Socket

Model P-19-2
wire colors
red black white yellow green blue

    Metal push buttons are a type of user interface component that are commonly used in a range of electronic devices and machinery. These buttons are typically made from high-quality metals such as stainless steel, brass, and aluminum, which give them excellent durability and resistance to wear and tear in harsh environments.

    One of the major advantages of metal push buttons is their tactile feedback. When a user pushes a metal button, they are able to feel a distinct “click” which confirms that the button has been activated. This feature is critical for many industrial environments where operators may be wearing gloves or working in low light conditions where visual feedback is limited.

    In addition to their durability and tactile feedback, metal push buttons are also highly customizable. They can be engraved, etched, or printed with a range of designs, text, and symbols to meet specific user requirements. This flexibility allows manufacturers to tailor the design of their products to the needs of their customers, making them highly versatile and functional.

    Another important aspect of metal push buttons is their resistance to vibrations and shock. These buttons are designed to withstand impacts and rough handling, which makes them ideal for use in machinery and equipment that may experience constant vibration or heavy impacts.

    Overall, metal push buttons are a reliable, versatile, and highly functional user interface component that are used in a wide range of applications across various industries. Their durability, tactile feedback, and customization options make them indispensable for manufacturers who require high-performing products that can withstand harsh conditions and environments.

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