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Successful Business Meetings and Cultural Exchange at Our Company

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Iranian and Indian Clients Visit and Engage in Product Discussions

This week, YUMO had the pleasure of hosting two Iranian clients and one Indian client for a productive visit to our company premises. The visit not only focused on discussing potential business opportunities but also provided an opportunity for cultural exchange and fostering international relationships.


During their visit, our esteemed guests were given a comprehensive introduction to our cutting-edge products, namely the rotary encoder and proximity sensor. These innovative devices have garnered significant attention in the industry for their reliability and advanced features. Our team showcased the exceptional capabilities and diverse applications of these products, emphasizing their potential to enhance efficiency and precision in various industries.

The discussions between our experts and the visiting clients were fruitful, with both parties expressing keen interest in exploring potential collaborations and partnerships. The Iranian and Indian clients were impressed by the quality and versatility of our offerings, recognizing the value they could bring to their respective markets. Valuable insights were exchanged, allowing a deeper understanding of market trends and requirements.

In addition to the business discussions, a delightful dinner was organized, where everyone had the opportunity to further strengthen relationships and enjoy a taste of local cuisine. The friendly atmosphere fostered open communication and laid the foundation for potential future collaborations.

YUMO extends a warm invitation to other international friends and potential partners to visit our company and explore the wide range of innovative solutions we offer. We believe in the power of global collaboration and are committed to providing exceptional products, service, and support to clients from around the world.

For further information or to schedule a visit, please contact our international business development team at E-mail: Whatsapp: +86153 5622 9951.

About YUMO:

YUMO is a leading provider of cutting-edge technological solutions in the Industrial Automation. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we strive to deliver products that exceed expectations and drive success for our clients globally.

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