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Introducing the Smart Solutions for Your Home: One Socket with Multiple Functions

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Introducing the Smart Solutions for Your Home: One Socket with Multiple Functions

    Are you tired of finding sockets everywhere in your home? Do you often struggle with limited space and the hassle of plugging and unplugging devices? Well, say goodbye to the traditional sockets and hello to the new era of smart sockets. Here, we present to you the Smart Socket, also known as the Pop-Up Socket or Intelligent Lifting Socket.

    Free Lifting and Lowering

    Let's start with the most distinctive feature of the smart socket- the free lifting and lowering. Unlike the traditional wall sockets, the smart socket is installed beneath the tabletop, which can be lifted up and down with a single touch. By pressing the button, the power socket pops up automatically and gives you easy access to power up your devices. When not in use, the socket will  retract into the table and leave a neat finish. This feature is particularly useful when you want to charge your phone, laptop, or other devices, and the socket is right in front of you. No bending or searching for an available socket, just one-click and you're connected.

    Saving Space

Another advantage of the Smart Socket is that it saves space. With its retractable design, it will not occupy any extra space on your tabletop, freeing up space for other purposes. For those with limited space in their bedrooms, offices, or kitchen, the smart socket will help you make better use of the space you have while keeping your desk or countertop clutter-free.

    Intelligent and Convenient

    The pop-up socket is not only intelligent but also very convenient. It comes with a power button and LED light, indicating whether the socket is powered on or off. It is also equipped with USB ports, making it more versatile and allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Its intelligent design ensures that your devices are protected from over-voltage, short-circuit, and overheating. With the Smart Socket, you can rest assured your electrical devices are in safe hands.

    Fire Protection and Lightning Protection, More Safe

    Safety is always paramount when it comes to electrical appliances, and as such, the Smart Socket has been designed with fire protection and lightning protection features. The socket is made of fireproof material, and its built-in automatic circuit breaker protects your devices from electrical surges. In case of lightning strikes, the smart socket will shut off, ensuring your devices are safe.

    One Socket with Multiple Functions

    The Smart Socket is a product that offers multiple functions in one. It is not just a socket but a hub for your devices. The retractable design saves space, and the high-tech features make it more convenient and safer to use. It is perfect for homes, offices, cafes, or any environment where multiple devices need to be charged simultaneously.

IL Plug Three-position high electric pop up socket with USB-C led light 15W wireless charging electric pop up socket

    In conclusion, the Smart Socket, Pop-Up Socket, or Intelligent Lifting Socket is not just an ordinary socket but a revolutionary multi-functional socket that makes life easier and safer. Its unique features, convenience, and elegance make it a must-have in your home or office. Upgrade to a Smart Socket today, and you will never go back to traditional sockets!

AU Plug Three-position high level WIFI smart Motorized kitchen worktop pop up socket with USB-C led light 15W wireless charging

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