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E6C2 Dia 50mm Shaft diameter 6mm 8MM Optical Shaft Encoder

E6C2 series, Housing diameter ф50mm, Shaft diameter ф6mm orф8mm,
  • E6C2
  • YUMO
  • YM00000052
  • China
  • 5-24V



  • Wide variety of supply voltages and output forms

  • Easy-to-adjust zero index(phase Z)with orign indicating function High resolution models(2000 pulses per revolution)substantially improves measuring accuracy

  • Rugged construction:6mm(0.24 inch)diameter shaft with radial load ratings of 3 kgf(21.7 ft*lbs)and axial load rating of 2 kgf(14.5 ft*lbs)

  • Protected against short-circuit and reversed connections for highly raliable operation avaliable with line driver ouput


code voltage output circuit output signals Number of pulses
E6C2-CWZ6C DC 5-24V Open collector NPN output NPN Increment,A,B,Z phase 10,30,40,50,60,100,120,180,200,256,300360,400,500,512,600
E6C2-CWZ5B DC 12-24V PNP
E6C2-CWZ3E DC 5-24V Voltage output 720 800 1000 1024 1200
E6C2-CWZ1X DC 5V Line driver output 1500 1800 2000 2048 2500
E6C2-CWZ1X DC 5V Linear driver output      4000P/R   5000P/R

Working Voltage



 Working TEMP

 0°Cto+70°C \ -40°Cto+100°C

 Current Consumption



 Storage TEMP


 Power Consumption


 Ambient Humidity


 Output Signal



 IP Code

 IP 54

 Signal Form

 AB  square wave

 AA-BB- square wave

 Max RPM

 3000 RPM (max)

 Output Current


 Axial & Radial Load

Axial 30N ,Radial 20N

 Rise & Fall Time




 Output Frequency


Maximum Angle Acceleration 

 ≤10 rad/s




Start torque 20°C




Vibration Endurance

 Vibrating (50-2000Hz)

 ≤100m/s (10g)

 A,B Signal Accuracy

 Duration of Signal



 ≤1000m/s (100g)

 Signal Phase Difference


 Case Material




 Shaft Material


 Voltage Withstand

 500V 1min

 Shaft Diameter



 10-2500 PPR

 Connection Type

 1MRadial Outlet