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YUMO OD38mm Single Turn Type Absolute Rotary Encoder

OD38mm,the shaft size is 6mm; 10bit(1024p/r);5-24VDC; Single turn type;Natural binary PNP output
  • J3806-10-BM-5-24-P
  • YUMO
  • 1
  • China
  • encoder
  • 24VDC
  • <100mA
  • -25~80℃

Standard BXS38(single turn)
Operating Voltage 24VDC
Consumption Currunt <100mA (24Vdc)
Output Interface PNP 
Revolution direction  1024
Output Code System Binary Code
Carry Dirction The Axial Rotation Increases Clockwise
Repeatability Repeatability ±2BI (actual accuracy is related to installation accuracy and shaft concentricity)
Vibration Impact 20g, 10~2000Hz
Operating Temperature -25~80℃
Storage Temperature -40~80 ℃
Connecting Cable 20g, 10~2000Hz
Shape Structure 38mm outer diameter, 6mm in the solid shaft

Color Red Black Green Green -and -White Grey Grey -and-White Yellow Yellow-and-White Brown Brown-and-White Blue Blue-and-White
24V 0V 2^0 2^1 2^2 2^3 2^4 2^5 2^6 2^7 2^8 2^9

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J3806-10-BM-5-24-P (2)

J3806-10-BM-5-24-P (13)

J3806-10-BM-5-24-P (4)