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TQ18 Infrared ray Photoelectric Switch Sensor

The mechanical quantity to be measured, such as displacement, pressure change into an electrical capacitance sensor. Therefore, capacitive sensors can be divided into pole pitch change type, area change type, change the media type categories. Pole pitch change type is generally used to measure the tiny lines or due to force displacement, pressure, vibration caused by the pole pitch changes (see capacitive pressure sensor). Area change type is generally used to measure the angular displacement or larger linear displacement. Change media type commonly used in level measurement and a variety of medium temperature, density determination and humidity.
  • TQ18
  • YUMO
  • YM0000687


  • High brightness dual LED makes you easy to know the current operating situation.

  • L.on/D.on Switch function.

  • Easy to install.(30*49.5*32.7mm)

  • Prevent from water and oil,dust cover attached.

Technical Parameter

Model NPN L.on/D.on TQ18-10/20N TQ18-10/20NK1
PNP L.on/D.on TQ18-10/20P TQ18-10/20PK1
  Sensing   type Diffuse   reflection
  Sensing distance 10cm/40cm,   white paper 100*100(10/40cm)
  Emitting   light lnfrared   LED 850nm
  Operating   voltage DC12~24V
  Current Consumption 34mA   Max
  Load   current 100mA DC24V
  Response   time 1.5ms   Max.
  lnsulation   resistance 20MΩmin.(DC500V)
  Voltage withstandabiligy AClOOOV   60Hz for 60 Sec
  Operating temperature -25℃~+60℃
  Ambient   humidity 35%~85%RH
  Protection   degree IP66
  Material ABS
  Wiring method PX:Pre-wiredΦ4.22M/4-wires M12   plug-in connector type/M12
  Weight Approx.65g Approx.18g