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Emergency Stop Push Button Switch Control Box

The model:LAY5-J174H29,is one of the push button switch control box.It has 1 red mushroom head push button,N/C,diameter is 40mm,with latching turn to release.
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Emergency Stop Push Button Switch Control  Box

1.Product Introduction of the Emergency Stop Push Button Switch Control  Box

Normal Operating Condition and Installation Conditions

1 Operational temperation:-5°c - +40°c  the average value less than +35°c  in 24 hours 2 Altitude: less than 2000m 3 Atmosphere condition : when the maximum temperature is +40 °c ,the  Operational humidity is less than 50%,allow higher humidity  in cooler environments. 4 Pollution degree:3 level 5 Installs Category: II  6 No significant Shaking,no impact vibration and no snow or rain 7 No explosive media,the Gas and dust can't corroding metal and damage the insulation


2.Product Parameter(Specification)of the Emergency Stop Push Button Switch Control  Box


3. Production Details of the Emergency Stop Push Button Switch Control  BoxLAY5-J174H29 (10)

4.YUMO company

YUMO company (2)

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