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AF-20MT-D2 Programmable Logic Controller plc controller PLC

DC12/24V,12points DC input 8 points transistor output(exuivalent NPN)
  • AF-20MT-D2
  • YUMO

AF-20MT-D2(without LCD)

DC12/24V,12points DC input 8 points transistor output(exuivalent NPN)

This model is a DC power supply, with 12 point DC input(analog), 8 point transistor output
Exquisite and compact design
Multi-functional, easy operating, convenient, easy learning
Technical Index
Operation temperature: :-20℃-70℃ Timers :127
Storage/Transportation -40℃-70℃ Counters :127
Protection:IP20 Function blocks : 127
Interference Regulation: EN55011(B Class) RTC time intervals:127
RTC accuracy: MAX ±5S/day Storage capacity:64K
Certificate:CE Insulation Intensity: IEC1131
Installation: Use a standard DIN rail or screw for installation Dimensions:90*126*58(Unit:mm )

Power supply
Rated voltage: DC12/24V Main voltage operation range:DC10-28V
DC24V consumption: Typical 80mA (Output full-load):Typical 2W

Digital input
Signal 0:DC 0-5V Input current:<0.5mA
Signal 1:DC 10-24V Input current:<1mA

Digital output
Output type: Transistor output (equivalent NPN) Output voltage:&le;DC80V
Output current: MAX 2A

Alogue input
Signal 1: DC0-10V Input current:<0.3mA

FAB Intelligent Controller Series is a new programmable controller launched by YUMO, with the programming by FBD (Function Block Diagram) , which is simpler and easier to learn than the conventional PLC (ladder diagram and instruction). In the design concept of YUMO FAB series products, traditional separated controller of PLC is combined with the writer on which the program can be written directly by using the function keys on the LCD front panel in order to reduce the cost and bring convenience to users. YUMO FAB is very compact and light-weighted, especially suitable for internal installation usage.
In addition, FAB intelligent controller series can perform the local and remote Internet communication and monitoring. And FAB can be used with voice module to perform telephone remote control, voice prompting, auto-dialing and other functions. At present, the YUMO FAB is widely used in various areas such as industry, agriculture and automatic house control. It can be used almost everywhere
Powerful Network Function
Short distance network wiring (Within 1.2KM)

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