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20A 12/24V Solar Charge Controller Anti Reverse Protection SSM20A

  • SSM20A


Functional characteristics:

1.  System voltage automatic identification

2.  Design of high speed and high performance 32 bit processor

3.  Excellent heat dissipation and EMC design

4.  Using MPPT and PWM two charging mode, effectively improve the charging efficiency of the battery board.

5.  The use of large screen LCD LCD display and dual key man-machine interface, complete menu display and operation

6.  User-friendly browsing interface, user-friendly operation

7.  Using power MOSFET as a switch, there is no mechanical switch

8.  Intelligent battery power indicator to facilitate the user to view the status of the battery

9.  Lead acid seals, colloids, openings and user selectable charging procedures

10. External temperature sensor with high precision temperature compensation

11. Parameter settings power down save function, no need to repeat settings, easy  to use

12. With intuitive LED display, allowing users to understand the solar energy, the running state of the load

13. With over charge, over discharge, overload protection, and electronic short circuit protection and anti back protection of battery.

14. Lightning protection.

Product Specification:

Maximum open circuit voltage<100V
MPPT voltage range13V~100V(12V) ;
26V~100V(24V) ;
Maximum  input current20A/30A/40A
Maximum discharge current20A30A/30A
Solar energy12V240W/360W/480W
Maximum input power

Battery type adjustableSupport for lead acid, gel, opening and lithium battery (self setting).
Charge cutoff voltage
boost14.6V ±1.%14.2V ±1%14.8V ±1%14.0V ±1%
Charging voltage(default)
Balance charge voltage14.4V ±1%14.2V ±1%14.6V ±1%
Float charging voltage13.8V ±1%13.8V ±1%13.8V ±1%
Charge return voltage13.3V ±1%13.3V ±1%13.3V ±1%
Charging modeMPPT or DCDC(Adjustable)
Maximum charging efficiencyMPPT mode:96%
Battery plate high voltage protectionBattery voltage is greater than 200V, stop charging; automatic recovery of 1 minutes
Over  current1.1 times rated current, stop charging; auto recovery for 1 minutes
Load modePure lighting control mode, control mode and control overtime household mode (adjustable)
under voltage protection10.8V/21.6V ±1%(adjustabl)
under voltage recovery12.8V/25.6V±1%(adjustabl)
overload protection1.5 times rated current 3S overload protection action, automatic recovery of 1 minutes
Output short circuit protectionHardware protection  automatic recovery of 10 minutes
Controller high temperature protectionThe temperature of the radiator is higher than 65 DEG C to stop charging and discharging, and the temperature is reduced to a temperature of 45 DEG C to recover the charge and discharge.
Exterior dimension186 x 148 x64.5 mm/1.25KG
working temperature-25℃~+60℃
Storage temperature-30℃~+70℃
Humidity requirement<=90%,No condensation
Protection levelIP30
Altitude<=2000m(2000mAbove altitude need to reduce power use)
Connection modeTerminal
Mounting wire<=7#  AWG (16mm²)
Circuit TuoBuck(Common cathode)
Remote monitoring functionRS232 Matching

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