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SSR-40AA AC-AC Control Mode 40A Single Phase Solid State Relay

  • SSR-40AA
  • YUMO


  Used in computer peripheral interface equipment, electric furnace heating, thermostat equipment, CNC machinery, industrial automation equipment, signal lights, stage lighting lighting control equipment instrumentation,Medical equipment, photocopiers, plastic machinery, air conditioners, washing machines, in addition to chemical, coal and other explosion-proof, moisture, anti-corrosion occasions have a large number of use, as a substitute for electromagnetic relay The ideal product for AC contactor


  SSR classification:

  Divided by product, is divided into single-phase solid state relays and three-phase solid state relays, according to the output power to DC solid state relays and exchange of solid state relays. According to the input power to have AC solid state relays and DC control AC solid state relays, DC control DC solid state relays, solid state voltage regulator. AC solid state relays according to the way the switch is divided into voltage zero-crossing conduction type (referred to as zero-crossing type) and random conduction type (referred to as random type); by the output switching components are bidirectional thyristor output type SCR anti-parallel type (enhanced); according to the installation points for the printed circuit with the needle inserted (natural cooling, without a radiator) and the device fixed on the metal floor (by cooling from cooling); the other The input has a wide range of input (DC3-32V) constant current and series resistor current limiting and so on.


Technical Specifications

Load Current 10A,25A, 40A, 50A,60A,75A, 90A, 100A
Load Voltage 24-380VAC
Control Voltage 80-250VAC
Control Current AC≤12mA
On Voltage ≤1.5V
Off Leakage Current ≤4mA
On-off Time ≤10mS
Dielectric Strenqth Input - output - floor ≥2500VAC
Insulation Resistance 1000MQ/500VDC
Ambient Temperature -30~+75℃
Mounting Methods Bolt fixing
The work instructions LED

Shape and mounting dimensions (mm)