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M4 screws and nuts for C45 guide rail 35mm MCB

M4 screws and nuts for C45 guide rail 35mm MCB
  • DN-4-10MM

  • YUMO

  • 100 sets

  • China

  • connecting terminal


M4 screws and nuts for C45 guide rail 35mm MCB


M4 screws and nuts 

nut Aperture  4MM
screws Length 10MM,13MM

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Application of screws and nuts

1、 Mechanical equipment production field

In the production process of mechanical equipment, screws and nuts are essential fasteners. Whether it is automobile manufacturing, mechanical manufacturing, or electronic equipment manufacturing, they cannot do without the use of screws and nuts. Screws can firmly fix machine components together, ensuring long-term and stable operation of the equipment. Nuts, as supporting parts for screws, play a crucial role in dismantling, repairing, and replacing components.

2、 Construction engineering field

In the field of construction engineering, screws and nuts also have many application scenarios. For example, it is used to fix components such as roofs, floors, walls, steel frame structures, etc., ensuring that the entire structure is sturdy and durable. In addition, screws and nuts are often used for disassembly and reassembly in construction projects, which can make the construction process more convenient.

3、 Aerospace field

In the aerospace industry, screws and nuts also play an important role. Due to the complex structure of airplanes and rockets, a large number of fasteners are required to firmly connect various components. At the same time, the quality and reliability of these fasteners have a significant impact on the safety of the entire flight process.

4、 Electrical manufacturing field

Screws and nuts are also indispensable fasteners in the manufacturing process of electrical appliances. All components in electronic devices need to be connected together through screws and nuts to ensure their normal operation. In addition, screws and nuts are often used as insulation materials to prevent electrical vibration and damage.

In short, screws and nuts are a simple, universal, but indispensable fastener. It is widely used in various fields such as mechanical structure, construction engineering, aerospace, and electrical manufacturing. People should pay attention to the quality and correct use of screws and nuts in production and daily life to ensure the safety and reliability of equipment.

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