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16mm ABS16s-P11Z-E ring LED IP67 Metal Push Button

Our high strength anti-vandal metal push button switches and the indicator lamps are not only elegant appearance, graceful, but also complete range of articles, variety of specifications, multipurpose, can meet various customers requirements in different fields, are widely applied in the key horizon control system of electromechanical instrument in various industry cabinet, household appliances and so on.
  • ABS16s-P11Z-E
  • YUMO
  • China
  • CE
  • Medical equipment Electromechanical instrument

16mm ABS16s-P11Z-E ring LED IP67 Metal Push Button

Metal Switch Features

  1. With the stability of the connection performance,the use of security equipment.

  2. Beautiful,high end ,fashion design

  3. Medical grade imported stainless stell material,environmental is beautiful with no rust.

  4. Protection performance IP67,waterproof,dust can be competent for the harsh environment.

  5. Compact design,compact size,can be used for any small equipment.

ABS Size Material Head type Connection mode Lamp type Lamp color Lamp voltage
Metal Switch 06mm C:Chromium plated brass P:flat 11:1NO1NOC D:Center point R:Red AC/DC
08mm G:High 1:1NO/1NC (Welding) G:Green 3V
12mm Q:Ball E:Ring lamp Y:Yellow 6V
16mm A:Zinc alloy plated chromium M:Mushroom 0:Two bit terminal B:Blue 12V
19mm C:Power mark W:White 24V
00:Four bit terminal
25mm S:Stainless steel
T:Custom patterm