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ISMM2189 CNC machine Fanuc System Mpg Manual Pulse Generator

YUEQING YUMO ELECTRIC CO.,LTD is a China CNC Manual Pulse Generator,milling machine encoder,Manual Encoder,Manual Pulse Generator,mpg manufacturer and supplier,we provide you with cheap ISMM2189 CNC machine Fanuc System Mpg Manual Pulse Generator products and good price.Welcome to buy ISMM2189 CNC machine Fanuc System Mpg Manual Pulse Generator products from us in wholesale business.
  • ISMM2189-001E-100B-24E

  • YUMO

  • 1

  • China

  • Manual Pulse Generator

  • DC 24V

  • 28*12*10cm

  • CE RoHS

  • Long drive output

  • 24V DC


ISMM2189-001E-100B-24E 100 pulse 24V CNC machine Manual Pulse Generator MPG

ISMM2189-001E-100B-24E Manual Pulse Generator
Suitable for manual pulses input type such as CNC or milling machine, plastic case, high electrical resistance. Shaft switching trigger, oil sealed design. 

Incremental encoder applications: 
Industrial tolling machinery, zero correction of printing machinery or signal cutting, numerical control machine or signal dividing.

1.Please contact sales representative to confirm the correctness and availability of the part number;

2. Line Drive is only available with 5V DC, 12VDC option.

Technical Specifications

Electrical  Specification
Output circuit Open collector   Voltage output Push pull output Line driver output
Power Vcc 5~30 5~30 5±0.25   5~30 5±0.25 12V
Current ≤100mA ≤100mA ≤100mA ≤120mA
Load current 40mA 40mA 40mA 60mA
High-level output Min Vcc*70% Min Vcc-2.5V Min Vcc-1.5V Min 3.4V
Low-level output Max 0.4V Max 0.4V Max 0.8V Max 0.4V
Rise Time Tr Max 1us Max 1us Max 1us Max 20ns
Fall  Time Tr Max 1us Max 1us Max 1us Max 20ns
Max Responding Frequency 20kHz 20kHz 20kHz 20kHz
Mechanical Specification
Max speed(r/min) Working Temperature Storage Temperature Protection Grade Weight
600 -25~70ºC -30~85ºC IP50 750g

Connection Table

Item Wire color Signal Note
1 Red/Black 1 Push button
2 Orange/Brown 2 -
3 Yellow/Brown 3
4 Yellow/Pink 4
5 Green/Black 5 +
6 White/Black 6
7 Light Green 7 I
8 Purple/Brown C Com port
9 Red Vcc MPG Pulses Generator

10 Black Gnd
11 Green A
12 White B
13 Purple A- Line driver
14 Purple/Black B-
15 Yellow X Axis selection
16 Yellow/Black Y
17 Brown Z
18 Brown/Black 4
19 Pink 5
20 Pink/Black 6
21 Grey X1 Selection multiple
22 Grey/Black X10
23 Orange X100
24 Blue NC1

25 Blue/black NC2
26 Orange/Black Com Com port

Main-03Main-02ISMM2189-001E-100B-24E(7ABOUT US


If you have any enquiry about quotation or cooperation,please feel free to email us at or use the following enquiry form. Our sales representative will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you for your interest in our products.
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