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IP68 IP69K PZ19 illuminated flat piezo push button

Our high strength anti-vandal metal push button switches and the indicator lamps are not only elegant appearance, graceful, but also complete range of articles, variety of specifications, multipurpose, can meet various customers requirements in different fields, are widely applied in the key horizon control system of electromechanical instrument in various industry cabinet, household appliances and so on.
  • PZ19
  • YUMO
  • China
  • maximum voltage: 24V
  • CE
  • Medical equipment Electromechanical instrument
  • Maximum current:200mA

IP68,IP69K PZ19 illuminated flat piezo push button

About Piezo Siwtches
Conventional electromechanical switches have moving parts that inevitably wear out.
The reliability of the electromechanical switches can be reduced by contaminants such as moisture and dust that will foul contact points.
The solution is a Piezo Switch with no moving parts.
How a Piezo switch works:
In piezo switches, a force applied to the switch surface transfers to the piezo disk creating an electrical pulse. This electrical signal is converted to an expected electrical output through a customizable electronic circuit.The duration of the electrical signal depends on the speed,force and duration of actuation.

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