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IHC3808-001G-1000BZ1-5L hollow shaft rotary encoder

Features ● Miniature size, easy assembling ● 2 quadrature output channel (A&B) + index signal ● Resolution up to 1000 ppr ● Housing size: 38mm, shaft dia: 8mm
  • IHC3808-001G-1000BZ1-5L
  • YUMO
  • YM0000004

IHC 选型.png
1, Please contact sales representative to confirm the correctness and availability of the part number
2, Line Driver is only available with 5V DC
3, Resolutions in grey background are NOT available with index width 1T


●ASIC devices internal, good reliability, long life, anti-jamming performance.

●Stainless steel shaft has a higher stability and protection.

●Metal shell is more solid and anti-impact.

●Outlet end use waterproof metal interface protection

●Bearing load heavy, anti-oil and water.

●Applicability to a wide variety of mechanical and industrial control.

●Resolution up to 5400 pulse.

●10 ~ 5400 pulses Optional: (Other pulses available on request)

Technical Specifications

Parameter  Value Note
Supply Voltage DC5V / 7~24V (±10%) Max. response frequency is gated by max. rotation speed
Max. Response Frequency 150 kHz
Max. Rotation Speed (*1) 3000 rpm
Max. Current Consumption 120mA (Unloaded)
Max. Rise-Fall Time 200ns (Line Driver)
Max. Rise-Fall Time 1us (Other Output Mode)
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 85° C (unfrozen)
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 85° C (unfrozen)
IP Rating IP54  

Connection Table

Color of lead Wire GN WH YE RD BK Shield BN GY OG
Output-Line Driver A+ B+ Z+ Vcc 0V NC A- B- Z-
Output-Other Output A B Z Vcc 0V NC n/a n/a n/a


IHC 尺寸.png

Output Waveform