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YUMO E6A2-CW3C 500ppr Mini Rotary Incremental Encoder

Incremental encoder is a motion sensor integrated with mechanical,optical and electric technology.It can transfer the angle motion ,angle speed and other mechanical motion value into electric pluses or digital signal output by photoelectric transform. The rotary encoder adopts optical electric scanning principle,its reading system is based on the rotation of radial index plate which is consisted of alternate non-opaque window and opaque window.
  • E6A2-CW3C
  • YUMO
  • YM00000041
  • 1
  • China
  • CNC Machine Tool
  • 5-12V
  • CE RoHS

YUMO E6A2-CW3C 500ppr mini rotary incremental encoderProduct Description


code voltage output circuit output signals Number of pulses
E6A2-CS3E DC 5-12V Voltage output A phase 10,20,30,60,100,180,200
E6A2-CS3C Open collector NPN output 300,360,500
E6A2-CS5C DC 12-24V
E6A2-CW3E DC 5-12V Voltage output A,B phase 10,20,30,60,100
E6A2-CW3C Open collector NPN output 180,200,300
E6A2-CW5C DC 12-24V 360,400,500
E6A2-CWZ3E DC 5-12V Voltage output A,B,Z phase 10,30,60,100
E6A2-CWZ3C Open collector NPN output 180,200,300
E6A2-CWZ5C DC 12-24V 360,400,500

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