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YMT35 3 Channel Kit Optical Incremental Encoder Hollow Shaft motor Servomotor Encoder

◆ Features
● Miniature size, easy assembling
● 2 quadrature output channel (A&B)+index signal
● Resolution up to 500 cpr
  • YMT35
  • YUMO
  • YM00000020

Servomotor Encoder


 The  YTM series are high performance, low cost, two channel optical incremental encoders. Each encoder contains a lensed LED source, an intergrated circuit with detectors and circuitry, and a code-wheel which rotates between the emitter and detector IC. These encoders may be quickly and easily mounted to a motor. The quadrature signals and the index pulse are accessed through four 0.025 inch square pins located on 0.1 inch centers.



 No signal adjustment required, low cost,resolutions up to1024 counts per revolution; Small size; TTL compatible.

Matrix reading, with high impact resistance, strength capability to error correction high reliability, and installation sizes small, wide range of resolution, do not require the signal conditioning. Assembly requirements are less, and has compensation ability of motor shaft radial and axial shifting, widely used in the DC motor, with a multi-aperture for selection.  


 The SCS30T series provide motion detection at a low cost, making them ideal for high volume applications. Typical applications include printers, plotters, tape drives, positioning tables, and automatic handlers.


 Please contact sales representative to confirm the correctness and availability of the part number

Technical Specifications

Parameter   Value Note
Supply Voltage DC5V (±10%) Max. response frequency is gated by max. rotation speed
Max. Response Frequency 100Hz
Max. Rotation Speed (*1) 3000 rpm
Max. Current Consumption 120mA (Unloaded)
Max. Rise-Fall Time 1us
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 85° C (unfrozen)
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 85° C (unfrozen)

Connection Table

TTL 0V A Z B Vcc
Ribbon Cable Color 2 3 4 5


Output Waveform