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G85 Infrared sensor Photoelectric Sensor Switch

The mechanical quantity to be measured, such as displacement, pressure change into an electrical capacitance sensor. Therefore, capacitive sensors can be divided into pole pitch change type, area change type, change the media type categories. Pole pitch change type is generally used to measure the tiny lines or due to force displacement, pressure, vibration caused by the pole pitch changes (see capacitive pressure sensor). Area change type is generally used to measure the angular displacement or larger linear displacement. Change media type commonly used in level measurement and a variety of medium temperature, density determination and humidity.
  • G85
  • YUMO
  • YM0000678


The working principle of the photoelectric switch is that when the beam emitted by the emitter is blocked or partly reflected by the object, the beam receiver whereby makes a judgment and reacts.


Structural category  


Throuht-beam type

Through-beam bype photoelectric switch is designed that via the light beam between opposite-mounted transmitter and receiver, the object passing through these two devices will interrupt the light beam and start the receiver.


Diffuse type
Diffuse reflection type photoelectric switch integrates the transmitter and the reciver. Light reflected by the photoelectric switch is reflected back to the receiver by the detected object.


Retroreflective type
Retroreflective type photoelectric switch also integrates the transmitter and the receiver, Its difference from other models is that reflecotr is used to relfect light to the photoelectric switch. Though the object between the photoelectric switch and reflector can reflect the light, it is much less efficient than the reflector so as to cut down reflected light.


Convergence reflection type (condensation type)
The working principle of convergence reflection type photoswitch is similar to that of direct reflection type one, while its projector and light receiver focus on boject distance, only when the object presents to the focus can the photoswitch actuate.

Technical Parameter


G85 Infrared ray Photoelectric Switch Sensor
Diffuse type Detection distance 1m
10-30VDC NPN NO G85-3A1NA
NC G85-3A1NB
90-250VAC NC G85-3A1PB
SCR Contro Hable silicon NO G85-2A1LA
NC G85-2A1LB
Relay output G85-2A1JC
Retroreflective type Detection distance 5m
10-30VDC NPN NO G85-3B5NA
NC G85-3B5NB
90-250VAC NC G85-3B5PB
SCR Contro Hable silicon NO G85-2B5LA
NC G85-2B5LB
Relay output G85-2B5JC
Through beam Detection distance 10m
10-30VDC NPN NO G85-3C101NA
NC G85-3C101NB
NO+NC G85-3C101NC
PNP NO G85-3C101PA
90-250VAC NC G85-3C101PB
NO+NC G85-3C101PC
SCR Contro Hable silicon NO G85-2C101LA
NC G85-2C101LB
Relay output G85-2C101JC
DC/SCR Control output DC:200mA,AC:300mA
DC/AC Consumption current DC<15mA,AC<10mA
DC/AC Response time Dc<2ms,AC<20ms
Directional angle 3 . -10 .
Detected object transparent or opaque body
Working environment temperature 25~+55ºC
Intensity of illumination of working environment Sunlight under 1000LX/ incandescent lamp under 3000LX
Shell material Metal
Protection grade IP54