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Cleaning and maintenance Points of Slip ring

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Cleaning and maintenance Points of Slip ring

traditional slip ring with carbon brush

  1. A flat, clean workbench is needed for maintenance work. To avoid other clutters affect the normal using and damage of the electrical slip ring, the maintenance should be clean and tidy.

  2. To avoid the damage of the ac generator slip rings, the maintenance work should be made by the professional personnel. Relevant personnel should not blindly disassemble, clean and other maintenance work.

  3. The surface of the electrical rotary joint should be kept clean, flat and smooth, without any oil and other material covering. It can be wiped with a rag that occupies gasoline if there is oil on it. We can also use polishing method--- using fine sandpaper for polishing if the slip ring has been burnt black.

  4. To help the maintenance personnel to deal with the future fault of the product more efficiently, it is better to record the slip ring unit's daily fault in time. It also can clarify the operation of the rotary slip ring.

  5. If any abnormal noise is found, stop the operation of the device immediately and conduct detailed troubleshooting to determine whether the conductive ring is faulty. Only after the fault is solved can the device be started.

  6. The cleanness of the working environment is also needed in the using of collector joint slip ring. Too much dust will affect and damage the working and life span of our slip ring.

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