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YUMO's Participation In The ELECRAMA 2020 Was Successfully Concluded

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The India electricity, renewable energy and automation exhibition (ELECRAMA),which was held from January 18 to 22 was successfully concluded. YUMO participated in the exhibition as agreed, and demonstrated high-quality products such as encoders, solid-state relays and sensors.


The exhibition area of ELECRAMA 2020 is 110,000 square meters, with 1300 exhibitors, including 450 overseas exhibitors, and the number of visitors exceeds 350,000.The ELECRAMA 2020  is the world's largest electricity industry exhibition certified by the international exhibition alliance. The exhibition has a high degree of internationalization, rich contents, advanced technologies and high service quality.It is a platform to understand the new technology of the industry, understand the information of the industry, and keep up with the trend of the industry.It started in 1990 and has a history of 30 years.The fair will be held every two years, in bangalore in 2016, in new Delhi in 2018 and in the Indian capital in 2020.


During the exhibition, YUMO booth not only received visitors from India, but also visitors from southeast Asia, Middle East and far east.The visiting audience showed great interest in YUMO's products on display, and consulted and communicated with the staff of our company one after another. Some of the visitors expressed their cooperation intention and hope to visit YUMO company.Through this exhibition, we strive to expand new development space and improve the competitiveness with the same industry on the world stage.


"Create value for customers and grow stronger in competition."Through this exhibition, we are confident in YUMO's business expansion in and around India

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