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National Day and YUMO culture

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National Day and YUMO culture                                                                                                     October 1 is the National Day of our country.
0ur Chinese people were fighting courageously for more than 100 years, and obtained the great victory of people's revolution under the leadership of Communist Party of China. On October 1,1949, Chairman Mao announced establishment of the People's Republic of China, and declared:"From now on,the Chinese people stand up!"
The first meeting of Chinese People's Political Consultative Committee then decided:Every October 1 is our National Day.
Therefrom,every Oct.1 is the holiday for all Chinese peoples to celebrate ceremoniously.                        Fighting , hardworking is the key of Chinese peoples to stand up  , also YUMO inherit this culture , and when having celebration of the great Chinese national day in hotpot restaurant . Our team have hotpot and discussion together about Chinese culture and products and how to bring better service for customers together .                                                                                                                                                        YUMO team is more like a united family and with continuously hardworking, innovation, improvement,  we will like our motherland grow up and stronger day by day !

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