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  • May
    [Industry news] What does the encoder do?

    The encoder converts angular displacement or linear displacement into electrical signals. The former is called an encoder plate and the latter is called an encoder ruler. According to the readout encoder can be divided into two types: contact and non-contact

  • Mar
    [Industry news] Rotary Encoders

    YUMO offers a wide variety of rotary encoders for every feedback application including incremental, absolute, miniature and heavy duty rotary encoders. Rotary encoders come in 3 major mounting styles: hollow-shaft (hollow-bore or through shaft), hub-shaft (hub-bore) or shafted. Hollow-shaft and hub

  • Dec
    [Industry news] Rotary Encoder 丨YUMO

    Rotary encoder 丨YUMO

  • Feb
    [Industry news] Encoder Google

    An encoder that converts a signal (such as a bit stream) or data into a form that can be used for communication, transmission, and storage. An encoder is a device that converts angular displacement or linear displacement into electrical signals.-YUMO AUTOMATION

  • Jun
    [Industry news] the Principle & Characteristics of Rotary Encoder

  • Aug
    [Industry news] Company AD on alibaba.com

    Company AD on alibaba.com start from May 2008 as Gloden Supplier, also AD on alibaba magazine.

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