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GLC-2B Light curtain controller

Safe and reliable optic screen sensor
Applicable for the safely detection of automatic assemble line. Elevator,danger restricted zone,metal forming machine,punching&shearing machine tool,paper cutter and so on and has protection function.Adopting synchronism scanning technology,concentrated beam path,non working blind area,strong anti-interference ability,and convenient installation
Resistance to mutual interference function it is possible to closely mount more than 2 sets of devices.
Fault self-check,function,power failure stoop,inner component fault stop,connection fault stop,object invading stop signal output
  • GLC-2B
  • YUMO
  • YM00006647
 Light curtain controller GLC-2B                                                       GLC-2B Light curtain controller

Selection Of Convenient light curtain controller     

1. Easy to connect
2. Directly connected to a light curtain sensor with a special connecting cable,or  optionally using a terminal block
3. Two-relay output, monitor mutually,provide a set of NO or NC contacts for choice
4. Simple and practical
5. Compact size ,low power consumption, rall installation

Tecnical Parameter

 Supply voltage AC220V ±10%
 power consumption 10VA
Respond time 30ms以下 below 30ms
Output voltage DC12V-24V
 Input signal  NPN open collector input
Output two-relay output,a set of NO contacts and a set of NC ones
 Indication lamp approx.200ms
 Recovery time  shaded(red),pass (green),power(yellow)
 Ambient temperature at work; -5~+40℃( non frozen),in storage;-25~+55℃
Shell material ABS  industrial plastic
Service life  internal relays operate no less than 100,000times,electrical work for 10,000hours
Protection level IECIp20

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